Shipping, Warranty, & Returns

Shipping Info


All Products purchased through the Warehouse (Example: Large Equipment, Hoods, Belt Guards, Large Blades, Flanges, etc…) will incur shipping charges and those charges are not reflected on this website.

Please Contact Us for More Information On Warehouse Products & Shipping Costs by clicking this link. 

Shipping charges on these items will vary by size, weight, and location.

Warranty Info

We are an authorized vendor of USA made Lortone products. New USA made Lortone Equipment comes with a One Year Warranty from Lortone.

New USA made Leeson Motors also come with a One Year Warranty from Leeson.

Look for our CBR Warranty on many of our Larger Saws & Renewed Lapidary Equipment.

Our CBR Warranty is a 30 day trial period in which the customer may return the equipment if they are not satisfied with its performance. Returns must be preauthorized before shipment. Please see Return Policy.

Any equipment sold As Is does not come with a warranty.

Whether Vintage Equipment has been Renewed by CigarBoxRock or sold As Is, please note that Vintage Equipment is often absent of safety guards and other safeguards. Most customers desire Vintage Equipment as it came from the factory. They are not as up to date as new manufactured equipment.

CigarBoxRock is not liable for any injuries incurred while using this equipment.

Returns Policy

All Returns must be authorized prior to shipment.

Please Contact Us to arrange for a return.

All authorized returns must include a copy of the original invoice

All authorized returns must be in original condition.

Customers pay for return shipping.

CigarBoxRock cannot be held responsible for damages due to return shipping.

Refunds will not be for more than original purchase price.

Return may be subject to a restocking fee.

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Privacy Policy

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