CigarBoxRock Lapidary Equipment Site!

Our “On Deck” page is just a list of lapidary saws and lapidary equipment that are in various stages of being renewed. Some items have been sitting for years or decades and just need a couple parts machined, but all go through our same process.

  • Our passion is with the better brands of Fine USA Vintage lapidary Saws and Equipment.
  • Every part, nut and bolt is removed, evaluated and serviced.
  • Our goal is to build such a top quality lapidary machine that you and future generations will be proud owners!

Our “Equipment” page, are the only equipment items that are for sale besides supplies. You are welcome to come by our shop and view all of our equipment. We also own a Landscape Material Trucking Company so if you are in town and try and find our office please note the following.

Our office is the old Tudor Farmhouse and the Lapidary shop is the big block building. We do not deal or pre sale equipment that is not completed and listed on our “Equipment” page. Thank you for being patient with our slow process!

We try to list most of the for sale equipment on Fridays. Hope you catch our site when that great machine is available and we can meet you!

541-280-5574  or  541-668-1742


  • WE STOCK VINTAGE USA and NEW quality saws

  • 30 years with VINTAGE saws

  • Super Quality workmanship is our passion

  • REFERENCES in 13 states

  • MACHINE WORK service available

  • GREAT prices on blades

  • Shipping available to all states

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Recently Shipped:


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